Sunday, April 13, 2008

Happy Birthday Tam!

Thanks for the invite Tam! and happppy birthday once again. you are finally 21!

yet-processed photos will be up on facebook hopefully. n i ll get the touched up ones on my blog asap. take care all and we'll catch up again soon!

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

missing too many people too many times

hellooooooo guys!!

i know it's the exam period but i was blog-surfing (as usual) to destress and was reading alot of the jc class blogs (and how horrendously appalled i was to discover that the classes are already 07a11!!! MAN. we are OLD cos we're already great-great-grand seniors. *screams in distress* ok, perhaps it's time we join mdm tay with botox-ing. :X) and i was thinking back about jc days. (:

i thought of stupid cupid, of assemblies at chinese high, of singing the hc sch song, of laughing together at mr ang's "fahmily", of going into mrs lim's math class with handful of FOOD, of ponning lectures and tutorials, of ponning PE, of attempting to boycott mario, of mrs ang and her "go and die", of mrs goh first taking over as CT at the start of j2, of homecoming, of geog classes (i miss you, woon, edwin and andrew!!!) etc. they all feel really old school now. haha.

anyway, sorry for that reminiscing bit, i wrote this merely to wish the girls in spore all the best for the upcoming exams! (: shun, jo and jess, hope things overseas are fine for u and guys, cont to serve the country. much as i fear the security of our nation now, you guys shld be doing a good enough job. haha.

so jiayou! (: love you and miss you guys muchly! (:

Thursday, March 08, 2007


I knowwww nobody reads this anymore! But im going to post this pic anyway!

It was a good gathering! :) I miss 04A11.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

im here to disprove shunlings claim of our class blog dying.

as the class welfare rep i deserve to die for not organising anything and so now im trying to make up for my sins!!! haha so lets relive our marche-pigging-out-and-neoprint-taking days on the 18th of march 2006. thats a saturday so i assume the guys will be out! so pleasepleaseplease turn up!

loveeeee jo!

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

a post which probably nobody will see

woah i can't believe i'm blogging

not that it really matters i think it will take 10 months before somebody realises.

anyway, this is not really a sign of me being bored. ok i lied. to some extent i am bored but then again i can always blog somewhere else or do something else if i really am that bored.

haha anyway, valentine's day was really funny, cos there i was at my workplace laughing at how people are silly enough to pay so much more for some weird valentine-y, lovey dovey thing on top of their purchases and feeling angry at retailers for commercialising a supposedly-private event between two whatevers. dun ask me why i was angry... just letting my not-very-righteous sense of righteousness take over the control of my emotions. which doesn't really make sense. then i started thinking of stupid cupid and realised, hey! we cheated a lot of people of their money like that too! muahahaha! just as i was feeling proud of my capacity to feel such evil i thought again about why we cheated that money. i hope the fistulas women are benefiting from what we have raised one year later. maybe i will rethink valentine's day as fistulas day. haha courtesy of en and her beliefs.

i am willing to bet 10 bucks that eddie will be the first person to realise that the class blog is very very slowly crawling at a speed of .00005mm/h to life. but very soon it will accelerated to a halt again. now how does that make sense?

and to my surprise one day when i stumbled on to that rather-badly taken class photo of our class i found out (finally) that there are only 10 guys in our class! ok. sorry for the slow reaction. i always thought it was 12 or something.

this is quite fun. now i know why lunatics enjoy talking to themselves.

well, wherever all of you are, i hope you are having fun. i know that pris is in australia right now and possibly packing her luggage to come out by now and that some of the guys whom i've not seen in 1000 years are in NS. wow amazing discovery. well it's quite pathetic to think that i'll only see them again on that day.

anyway, happy birthday in advance to you anna! i'm sure you'll only read this 12 weeks later.

Friday, December 16, 2005


(click on map to see location--- shown as PA bungalows in map)
04A11 Class Chalet
When? 19-21 December 2005. Meet at 5pm Pasir Ris MRT on 19Dec.
Where? 38 Pasir Ris Avenue
How? *refer to map/ Take bus service 403 from Pasir Ris MRT Station or Pasir Ris Bus Interchange to Pasir Ris Park. Alight before the bus makes a loop turn.
Day ONE : pizza feast + bowling + shopping + food trail at changi till late
Day TWO: make own breakfast + shop for BBQ stuff + BBQ!! + chat and play all nite!
Day THREE: pool + cycle + beach!!

Friday, December 09, 2005

PROM! :)

(click to see larger pic)

Hope everyone had lotsa fun! I love yall! :):):):):):):)